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Red-hot erotica awaits you at Erotic Lounge Herz Ass in Rosenheim , while guests with special preferences are welcome at the Domina-Bizarr-Studio at Frankfurter Ring 220.Should you find that you are being specifically lured somewhere else, please let us know.One of the most frequent uses of radiocarbon dating is to estimate the age of organic remains from archaeological sites.

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uncalibrated, radiocarbon ages are usually reported in radiocarbon years "Before Present" (BP), "Present" being defined as 1950.

Such raw ages can be calibrated to give calendar dates.

For approximate analysis it is assumed that the cosmic ray flux is constant over long periods of time; thus carbon-14 is produced at a constant rate and the proportion of radioactive to non-radioactive carbon is constant: ca.

In 1958 Hessel de Vries showed that the concentration of carbon-14 in the atmosphere varies with time and locality.

The neutrons resulting from the cosmic ray interactions participate in the following nuclear reaction on the atoms of nitrogen molecules ( The highest rate of carbon-14 production takes place at altitudes of 9 to 15 km (30,000 to 50,000 ft), and at high geomagnetic latitudes, but the carbon-14 spreads evenly throughout the atmosphere and reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide.

The technique of radiocarbon dating was developed by Willard Libby and his colleagues at the University of Chicago in 1949.

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