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They garnered a lot of attention from other men in the park and even their teenage sons.

There was Janet, five foot five, maybe 120 pounds, and supporting massive D cups on her average sized frame.

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So enter the wives and children of the players and even non playing employees. Fortunately for the Four, the wives hit it off and their families would generally sit together at the barbeques.

Every weekend, the wives, especially of the four, would prepare salads and pot luck menu items such as casseroles and pasta dishes. Even their kids, each of the Four had one son apiece all the same age, got along well together. The next step in their group bromance was to take their vacations together.

They're both adults now so custody is not an issue.

As we reported, the couple does not have a prenup and they amassed a 0 million fortune during their 25-year marriage. ***** The husbands had met at their new jobs shortly after graduating from college.The four of them started meeting on Saturdays and Sundays for a round of golf. It became a regular Saturday event even surpassing the guys' interest in golf. When the team began to win in their division, the company offered to sponsor Family Barbeques after every softball game.Fortunately the moms were good cooks and the provided meals were typically good and included different taste profiles.The moms were a pretty attractive group in their own right.Maria filed on July 1, 2011, several months after the story broke that Arnold had fathered a baby with the couple's housekeeper.

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