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If you’re an outdoorsy person, your chances of meeting other outdoorsy people are greater in cities well-recognized for their outdoor-orientation (e.g., Boulder; Portland, Oregon), which might attract similar, like-minded people.

Likewise, some cities are noted for having a relatively larger percentage of single people.

The alleged victim told Mull that she no longer wanted to have sex with him and that she wanted to leave the Holiday Inn Express, according to records.

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Finding love can be tough — if you look for it in all the wrong places.

Some cities might encourage dating by offering plentiful nightlife options and daytime attractions.

On Mull's social media profiles he lists his home as being Hawaii and his occupation as personal trainer. We will get you through this process."Mull appears to have been acting on his own, according to authorities.

For the last two months authorities said he had been staying with a friend in eastern Pennsylvania."We do believe there are more young girls that have been traumatized, raped, sexually assaulted, strangled, threatened who may be in fear," prosecutor Morganelli said. But there is also a far more organized network of sex traffickers operating in Chicago and across the U. In October an I-Team investigation exposed "The Daughter Trade"; thousands of young girls being forced into a brutal lifestyle they have trouble escaping.

She told detectives that they agreed to meet at a hotel where they drank, listened to music and had consensual sex.

He also allegedly forced her snort cocaine and smoke methamphetamine.

Naturally, not one city is ideal for all single people.

Research consistently shows that people tend to be attracted to similar others, so it makes sense to choose a city that reflects your own values and interests.

We therefore turned to a panel of experts for advice on money, examining the characteristics of a prospective city to call home and drawing singles to those areas.

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