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"I wake up every morning, and I think of my dead daughter.

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"The victim in the matter is a family member who is capable of identifying (Seman) as the individual who sexually abused her over a period of time in her own home,'' prosecutors said in a filing April 11, 2014.

"The victim was under (Seman's) care when the sexual abuse took place.'' Seman originally was held without bond.

And she would accuse her mother's boyfriend of the attacks. Hours before the trial was to begin March 30, her home exploded in flames.

She and her deaf grandparents died near their beds on the second floor of a frame house on Youngstown's south side.

But interviews and court documents indicate that the deaths of Corinne Gump and her deaf grandparents -- William and Judy Schmidt -- were far different: Corinne and her grandparents were defenseless from an evil they never saw coming. She also lived with her grandparents on the city's south side, as well as with her father. "She was daddy's princess, and she always slept with her daddy's gray tank tops.

"We woke up and heard an explosion,'' said Carolyn Jones, whose back yard abuts the Schmidts' property. "She had a quirky attitude and touched many people's lives in her 10 short years.

The aunt and niece had spent a good deal of time together and were close, and family members said she would never want to harm the child.

Robert Seman and Christine had been together for about 23 years before their marriage ended in 2010. The night before the trial, Corinne Gump and her grandmother Judy, 61, and grandfather William, 63, went to sleep in upstairs bedrooms of the Schmidts' home, said Joseph Ohr, the deputy Mahoning County coroner.

That's when Seman reached out to his former wife, Christine, and offered her ,000 if she would testify that Corinne had made up the allegations, according to court records and interviews with Christine Seman's family.

Christine Seman's testimony would be crucial, according to family members. Christine Seman's brother is the girl's father, Ethan Gump.

Corinne Gump would testify, as would several others.

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