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Professionals work there together as a team and share information on cases to minimize the number of times a child must be interviewed and to decrease further trauma and harm to the child during the investigation and prosecution of the child sex abuse case.

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(a) If the Children's Justice Center or a soft interview room is not available, the interviewer shall use the best setting available under the circumstances.

(b) If the equipment required under Subsection (1) is not available, the interview shall be audiotaped, provided that the interviewer shall clearly state at the beginning of the tape: (i) the time, date, and place of the interview; (ii) the full name and age of the child being interviewed; and (iii) that the equipment required under Subsection (1) is not available and why.

Utah’s Children’s Justice Centers have become places “where small voices can be heard.” They work.

Much has been accomplished since 1987 when Grethe Peterson served as a citizen juror in that child sex abuse case. Utah’s Children’s Justice Centers need the continued financial support of Utah’s citizens and its businesses.

Although both were dealing with the same families and the same issues, they had separate purposes and perspectives.

At the same time other citizens and advocacy groups were concerned about the same problem.

After extensive meetings, the task force presented its recommendations to the Governor.

The task force strongly recommended that the state of Utah adopt and implement the national Child Advocacy Center model created in Huntsville, Alabama in 1985 by Bud Cramer, a Huntsville District Attorney.

Grethe later learned these children had been interviewed by at least ten different “officials” over a period of a year.

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