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Typically, most university and college campuses experience less crime than their surrounding communities.Our crime statistics and a comparison with those of the Starkville Police Department and Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department are available for review at university police department, along with other university departments, has implemented a number of programs and features to assist with safety.Support staff functions include police dispatchers, parking clerical staff, parking enforcement personnel, and secretarial staff. Am I allowed to have a firearm on campus for hunting or protection purposes? State code § 97-37-17 prohibits the possession of firearms on campus except in very rare cases.

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However, they will try to offer assistance to any stranded motorists.

Services are limited to attempts at jump-starting your vehicle or helping you gain access to your vehicle if you have locked yourself out.

This program integrates the academy training into practical work experience that prepares the officer to work on his or her own.

Not all law enforcement agencies offer this program.

Is your department a security or police department?

For many years, our department was referred to as a security department.We recommend that you ascertain what motor clubs are recognized by the local garages and service stations and obtain a membership in one of those clubs.Regardless of whether a university police officer can assist you with your vehicle's problem, we recommend that you call and notify us of your situation.The university police department accepts a limited number of internships each semester.If you are interested in applying for an internship, please make an appointment with the Chief of Police at least one semester before the semester that internship begins. I am a student who needs financial assistance to attend Mississippi State University. We offer a limited number of work-study positions through the Library patrol.These include: Representatives from the police department serve of various university committees that constantly review safety issues.

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