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Topics, associations, and occurrences can all be typed, where the types must be defined by the one or more creators of the topic map(s).

The definitions of allowed types is known as the ontology of the topic map.

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Many international standards (e.g., .) have been expressed in XML Schema resulting to a large number of XML datasets.

The SW and XML worlds and their developed infrastructures are based on different data models, semantics and query languages.

One or more interrelated documents employing this grammar is called a topic map." The above standards are all recently proposed or defined as part of ISO/IEC 13250.

As described below, there are also other, serialization formats such as LTM, As TMa= that have not been put forward as standards.

One recently developed example is Topic Maps Martian Notation.

TMMN (its acronym) is a simple graphical notation used to explain the Topic Maps data model, and map out both ontologies and representative instance data.

However, the developers quickly realized that with a little additional generalization, they could create a meta-model with potentially far wider application.

The ISO standard is formally known as ISO/IEC 13203.

A topic map is a standard for the representation and interchange of knowledge, with an emphasis on the findability of information.

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