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We live on a farm and my father in law lives in the house next door.I have been in this family about 8 years now and the father-in-law we will call him "bob"." Oh, I better cover up, haha." THen about 1 year ago he just decided to flash me after he made that comment. I was afraid he would do something stupid like punch his dad (which honestly I wish I could have).

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I did a lot of this for my husband and I did feel sad that bob was alone.

Over the last year he has had been more perverted and It was starting to feel uncomfortable.

I just figured he was a dirty old man (69 years old now).

He always made remarks about being one and laughing about it.

bob has always made remarks outloud about women's breasts, legs, etc.

Always says sexual jokes, It didn't seem to bother me in the past...

He would tell me he likes to sit naked out there because he feels free.

Ok, I get it, but when you know people are coming out to have a BBQ with you would hope he would have his pants on.

I have been a great daughter-in-law and invite him to all of my family events, take him to dinner with us on fridays, I invite in over for dinner during the week (2 times), otherwise he just sits in his recliner in his room and moeps about life.

He has told me I'm the daughter he never had and I felt very pleased that he liked me.

I said, "yeah, i'm sure it feels good, but we need to go like ASAP." Then he starts getting gross and talking about his junk. He then started talking about how he wished I would just look at his penis. He continued to stay that since I don't want to see it that I am ashamed of it. He kept trying to guilt trip me as he is pulling and tugging on his balls and penis. I told him and he was shocked and looked pretty pissed off.

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