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An obsessed decorator, who said he was the mythical Greek hero Odysseus, has admitted subjecting a businesswoman to a 'chilling' five-year stalking campaign of explicit messages.

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I feel like a prisoner in my own home whilst he gets to walk free and I feel the only way I can feel safe is to move house so he does not know where I live.'He has shown no remorse for the suffering he has caused and I feel I have no protection from him.

This experience has belittled my intention to be the best person I can be and it is such an unwelcome intrusion.'Prosecuting, Karen Saffman, said: 'The defendant pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order on the 19th of March this year which was made on the 10th of February as a result of a stalking offence when he pleaded guilty on the day of trial.

One text read: 'I am you saviour and I can take you to another world. I love you.'Others said: 'I just sent our pics to an American medium. He was banned from contacting Mrs Hulme indefinitely.

In Stewart's mitigation, Allan Mckuy, said: 'At no point has this defendant ever intended any harm on this lady and he has made no attempt of physical contact.

The pair had not spoken for a number of years but in 2012, Ms Hulme bumped into Stewart and he offered to decorate her house for her, shortly after which Stewart's obsession began.

He previously admitted stalking Mrs Hulme between October and November last year where he sent her 700 messages. I am Odysseus.'Stewart was previously ordered to complete a 12-month community order and fined £300 with further orders to pay a £85 victim surcharge and £150 in costs.

Whilst on bail for that matter, he breached the restraining order.'It is the volume of contact that is having an effect on Penelope Hulme and he is still offending against the same victim.'Penelope has never been in a relationship with Mr Stewart and for the last five and a half years she has been pestered by this defendant.'She knew the defendant through work - she ran a business and he was a decorator who she used from time to time.

'She saw him again one day and asked him if he could decorate her house and that is where the problem lays.'He received a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting her or to go within 200 yards of her but on the 19th of March he contacted her through Facebook and by the 30th of May he had been contacting her sister and her mother who is 81 years of age.'Between the 30th of May and the 5th of June the defendant sent her 120 text messages.

The first was sent on the 30th of May with a link to a You Tube video of the song by Van Morrison 'Have I Told You Lately' along with a picture of his Facebook profile.'He then sent her a picture of his knee - the relevance of this photo is that it refers to the Greek god Odysseus who supposedly had a hole to his knee.

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