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"Of course, inevitably, I do worry that you're less able to disappear into parts, because you're less able to do your job well when people no longer see the character, but see you..." she muses. It's what I value; I value that it's a part of myself, my heart, it's sacred who I am in my private life. Not that I have ever wanted to or need to be," adds Hawkins, who will reprise her role as Mary Brown in Paddington 2 later this year.

"But it feels for me there is more of an interest towards celebrity and that's something that if...

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"I can't even begin to imagine what (Maud) was going through, but we've all felt pain, we're all human, we know what it is to feel alone and different.

"But that's why human beings are wonderful and forever inspiring," she adds. Life is hard, whatever you are, whoever you are, and that's part of it." As for her own life, Hawkins keeps details close to her chest.

Previously stating she likes to "disappear" in between roles.

Is she worried that will becoming increasingly difficult as Hollywood beckons? I love acting, but I'm not very good at being a celebrity.

Landing the titular role opposite Hawke was a "true gift", gushes Hawkins.

"I just fell in love with (Maud)," explains the RADA graduate, 41.

"I painted already but I learned to paint in a way that was similar to Maud," she explains. (It was) an excuse to paint and pick up a brush again, which I just adored.

She follows: "I have kept art going throughout my life, but if I was in art school that would be my life now.

They're not exclusive to one or the other." Since making her film debut in Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing in 2002, Hawkins has garnered much praise for her work including Happy-Go-Lucky, for which she scooped a Golden Globe Award, Made In Dagenham and Paddington.

Not to mention her impressive turn on Broadway in Mrs Warren's Profession.

But I'm not allowed," she told London's Time Out.

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