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Even during the revolt, Faisal began toying with the idea of establishing his own Syrian empire, independent of his father's prospective regional empire.

The emir hoped to expand this opening into a full-fledged empire with U. "There was no friction in any other country where Jews lived together with Arabs.

He was convinced that the trouble was promoted by intrigues.

They were, as it happened, generously rewarded for their endeavors in the form of vast territories several times the size of the British Isles.

Yet since these spectacular gains (which comprise the current states of Iraq, Jordan, and parts of Saudi Arabia) only served to whet their appetite, the emirs continued to pursue their imperial ambitions under the pan-Arab guise.

and we regard [the Zionist demands] as moderate and proper.

We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through: we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home.[13] For several months, the emir seemed to be working to this end.

These culminated in early April 1920 in a pogrom in Jerusalem in which five Jews were murdered and more than two hundred were wounded.

"[I]n spite of his momentary success, obtained also partly by British gold—[Faisal] is in the long run a broken reed," a disillusioned Weizmann wrote his colleagues.[15] Emir Abdullah.

The two struck up an immediate rapport, and the emir readily acknowledged "the necessity for cooperation between Jews and Arabs" and "the possibility of Jewish claims to territory in Palestine." Yet he refused to discuss Palestine's future until such a time "when Arab affairs were more consolidated."[9] When they met again six months later, Faisal was prepared to take his general affinity a major step further.

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