Reggie bush dating kim kardashian impersonator

But to quote the great prophet Beyoncé, Kim turned lemons into lemonade.The sex tape was given by a third party to Vivid Entertainment, an adult film distribution company.At 22 years old, Kim was living her life as a young adult exploring her sexuality with her then boyfriend, Ray J, an R&B singer and Brandy’s little brother.

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Buzz Feed writer Sylvia Obell, who has written extensively about the Kardashians and penned a piece on how Blac Chyna beat the family at their own game says, “I think the easy answer is to say [the tape] helped: clearly it’s what catapulted her into the spotlight faster than the stylist route she was taking.

It gave them a reason why the family needed to rebrand.

Back then, she occasionally appeared in tabloids as the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the lawyer who famously helped defend friend O. Simpson, and BFF/assistant to socialite Paris Hilton.

If you were a fan of Fox’s truly revolutionary Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie reality show , you probably caught a glimpse of Kim on various episodes of the series during the ‘00s.

That’s something that I’m going to have to live with the rest of my life and have to explain to my children one day.” While some might view Kim as opportunistic, the way that she played her career, using a sex tape that hurt her personally and hurt her image, was smart as hell.

It was a violation of her privacy, and it tarnished her name initially, but Kim rose above it all.For Kim, it seems that Francis’ help with her tape has never been forgotten. “I feel, you know, I obviously made it, I need to take responsibility for what I’ve done.Instead of letting the tape diminish her character and career, Kim triumphed. To this day, the Kardashian sex tape is Vivid’s “best-selling movie of all time” according to Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch. But I have little sisters and my grandparents and my parents who I had to explain myself to, and hopefully try and teach them what not to do.And like Kim, Paris hadn’t given her consent for its release.The similarities are there, and Paris’ fame definitely elevated Kim’s.It isn’t representative of the business she’s built.

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