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which opens on Valentine’s Day, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy portray the world’s deadliest CIA operatives who are also inseparable partners and best friends…until they fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). I think online dating is a way of procuring people. I don’t like lily white movies with lily white people bouncing around, but you also just gotta do what you gotta do in the spirit of Benetton ad rainbow coalition. It was like you’re just brilliant off the top of your head, a comedic genius. The film had a lot to do with everybody to some degree being gracious to the other one, and I think what you see is it’s no doubt that Reese is a very gracious actor and she sets up Chelsea to steal a lot of scenes. Tom is in the service of Chris and Chris is in the service of Tom. We know he’s going to be Mad Max and here comes Bane. With a film like this, you basically have five options for the end of a love triangle.Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever – each other. At least you can say “Hey I’m really into going to bed at 9 o’clock and I like zebras and role playing.” And then, you can get after it in that regard and you narrow it down to some freak. Like Facebook and Myspace, it’s the way that people connect now and procure small children and sometimes dodgy relationships. Online dating is cool but I think Myspace and Facebook is a little bit off key. The most empowered character in the film is indeed a Black woman. Mc G: You’re right because I’m doing the color correction and I’m like Jesus, everybody’s eyes are popping off the screen. It’s a bit of a concern but you just gotta do what’s right. But it isn’t the most ethnically diverse picture which is on my mind. But, at the same time, being a person in the public eye, I was terrified of you. You were like “I’m just harmless.” So, when we came around to ideas about who would play your character, Mc G and I…I was singular…He pitched it first and I was like “Of course, Chelsea Handler is brilliant.” We were just lucky you wanted to do it. It took a lot of guts to get back on the trapeze and I thank you. And, from an action place, the boys are very proficient in that regard and they took Reese with them. I don’t do this, that or the other,” but from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t think she’s done that character in a film yet. I turned onto Tom with the Handsome Bob character and most particularly from just discussing filmmaking with you and knowing that you had a very active mind, and you’re a brilliant guy, and we could show the world a side of you that they hadn’t seen before. Did you give yourself some wiggle room to choose that ending? Did you go out saying “I really like Pine and I really like Hardy.

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pads out a bit of story that we might have missed in the teaser trailer, but the gist holds over: Reese Witherspoon plays a recently separated mother dating – and maybe finding love with – a much younger man. When he (Pico Alexander) offers to buy her a drink, he gets carded by the bartender.

No worries, though, he passes at least that initial test.

We sat down at a recent press conference with Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Handler and director Mc G to talk about what happens when a longstanding personal and professional bond is put to the test. Mc G: I think put simply, there’s a great old Robert Altman adage that the best thing you can do as a director is to cast the film properly. And the chemistry these two girls have from a place of buddy dynamics. I enjoy that the most powerful person in Hollywood is indeed a Black woman in Oprah Winfrey. I love ethnic diversity all over the place, but I just felt like Chelsea was the right one. One of the strongest aspects of the film is the chemistry between Chelsea and Reese and the conversations that they have. HANDLER: Reese and I had met a few times but we really got to know each other over the film. We met at breakfast and she asked me if I would want to do this. Mc G: Chelsea’s a good person and that’s why you have Reese attracted to that and letting her in and that’s where the chemistry lies. I was on a chain trapeze at the time and I caught it in one of the links. Mc G: Yeah, but she was in a harness and raised fifty feet off the ground, hanging from a wire. But, from a place of leadership, as I said earlier, Reese was the sun around which the whole production orbits. She’s just on her mark, very professional and ready to go. I think a lot of people are going to chase her now to do it, and I’m delighted that you made your big debut in that capacity. He’s a good sport to play along in a decidedly Americana pop film. Reese, was there anything stunt-wise that Mc G wanted you to do that you didn’t want to do? Mc G: Yeah, I think the film only works if you’re rooting for both the guys. They’re both interesting for different reasons.” We wanted to have flexibility.

Reese and Tom revealed why their paint ball scene turned into a real ice breaker. If you have Reese and you have Tom and you have Chris driving that triangle and then you have Chelsea to come in and steal scenes, it makes everything very, very simple and it flows from there. I would just listen to them walking back to video village and go let’s cherrypick that and use that in a scene because it’s incredible. You’re living vicariously through a girl who’s dating two foxy guys. I would imagine he’s killed people somewhere along the way. And, of course, I did because Reese always makes good decisions with movies so I figured if I was going to do one, it would be my best bet to do it with her. They felt comfortable and we just tried to create an environment where they could do what they wanted to do and be off book and succeed wildly and fail on occasion. We even talked about two endings and releasing it …

Mc G: We got an NC17 because of the world according to Chelsea Handler, because if you ask her about men or you ask her about sex or you ask her about dating, she has a strong take on these things. Well you need to be a better liar because you have to say “Your boyfriend’s penis is so big he’s getting a penile reduction. Chelsea’s out of her fucking mind and that’s why we love her. It was made very easy by Mc G’s enthusiasm, by having two amazing men in this movie that are very talented actors and very funny in their own right, and obviously being with Chelsea who is…HANDLER: It’s kind of the opposite because in real life she’s a mother and she has children and she’s married and I’m single. I’m single and I sleep with a lot of men so it’s perfect. So, to work with that kind of skill set, I have because I’m more used to a different kind of form of boxing – Muay Thai.

Everytime it lands in my urethra it’s like a poltergeist.” First of all, who thinks that way? The MPAA tried to take out all that stuff and we got it back in, but we had to take out a few things, but we retained the authentic comedic stylings of Chelsea Handler. Mc G: Chris Pine was supposed to join the press conference but he was teleported back to the Enterprise. I find her to be so sexy and so foxy, that it was a thrill to work with Russell Carpenter who shot . [Chorus of yeses] WITHERSPOON: Well I was a single girl when we made the movie. I had to look out for myself because he’s got fast hands. Mc G: And we had to create a world in which everybody was comfortable moving forward with that and smacking each other up a little bit and falling off second tiers and smashing into tables and doing everything you went through. HARDY: Obviously Chris is much better with a weapon than I am.

Her best friend, Trish (played by foul mouthed, but quite funny Chelsea Handler) signs her up for a dating agency where she meets Tuck (Tom Hardy), because you know, internet dating sites are filled with good looking, buff English guys.

Following her first date with him she runs into FDR (Pine) and ends up going on a date with him as well.

He also discussed directing a film that’s part comedy, romance, action and thriller and how he had three alternative endings in mind, including one with a homoerotic finish. It’s the prudish, uptight MPAA that’s fine with the violent components, but anything that has to do with sexuality… Mc G: It’s so funny because, to me, that comes very naturally. I’ll sit around and watch and then go to sleep to Chelsea Lately. It’s just like there’s an amalgam of a great many influences going on in my mind and then I just sort of interpret it and say I think this would be a compelling way to do the scene today. There’s even an ending where the two boys end up in each other’s arms, a homoerotic finish. I pussed down on the ending of Terminator 4 so I should have gone for the dark ending of that one. Tom, can you tell us about the fight scenes that you had with Chris Pine and if there were any injuries and how well you handled it? It’s like going up against someone from Westside Story.

Question: Was it true you had to drop some of Chelsea’s jokes to get the PG13? I had to open up my veins and bleed to get the [lesser rating]. I would imagine like you, like most of us, I love action pictures. You’ve gotta keep your eyes well peeled because they can come from any angle, especially when you have that much of the dancer naturally in you.

Tom talked about working opposite Chris Pine and what happens when two actors with very different fighting styles face off on screen. We talk about how the picture is so pretty and the costuming or the sound or the explosions are fun. And, as far as the chemistry that Tom and Chris had, they are indeed both very alpha and they respect each other, but one would never acquiesce to the other. For Mc G, this film combines a lot of genres and does it so effectively. What’s that really sound like in your original voice? WITHERSPOON: I think what really endears you to Chelsea’s character is in the first scene that you really see her talk to me. I feel really bad.” And she says “I would miss you.” It was so sweet and tender and you just sort of said it on the day and it was like that’s how she is. I mean, if it were on 3,000 screens, 1,500 have this one and 1,500 have that one, and just not saying anything.

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