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As much as I like the sensations of a small cock during oral sex or intercourse, over large cocks, it is as nothing compared to how much more appealing and attractive I find tiny todgers.

I can't think of anything at all that is more sexy than a hair-chested, tall, muscular guy with a cute little cock. Your commentary on your preference for men endowed with a small penis has touched many of us small-dicked men of all ages.

I am fortunate in that I see two girls here in the States who love having oral sex and full intercourse with me, a man of "small stature." And it's particularly heartening to hear a woman of nineteen express similar sentiments to those voiced by older and wiser women.

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I also find this whole penis preference thing odd because I love it when men have masculine characteristics, and a large penis is seen as being more manly. It's definitely easier to get most of it into my mouth.

But my ideal man would have a 3 inch todger and a really hairy chest. She told me, at the start of our relationship that I'd made a cocksucker of her - and those were the nicest words that I ever heard. I have a really strong gag reflex, so a smaller penis is more comfortable.

And another guy answers: I have met women who love tiny cocks.

First of all there's the rather important person of my wife, who has developed a talent for making my cock less tiny. There are so many guys who are just brainwashed by the cultural importance of the large cock and who just won't believe there are really women who not only like small penises but who actually find they are turned on by them and who find them more satisfying for sex.

Since my boyfriend moved away for university and we split up I have been looking for a small cocked stud but just can't seem to find one.

I think this has to be because guys are simply too shy about having a small penis.In fact, physically I prefer smaller penises to larger ones.Of course I do like other parts of sex, foreplay and oral where cock size doesn't matter, but for oral sex and intercourse they have to be packing a tiny dick!That's what Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian learned when he started dating the tennis superstar, according to a new Vanity Fair profile on the couple.Williams is arguably one of the most successful tennis players, if not the most successful athlete, of her generation: She's racked up 23 grand slams and more than million in prize money, according to Vanity Fair.But Ohanian didn't pay much attention to tennis before he met her, and had no idea how tough she was.

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