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“So, it’s interesting seeing it through that lens …I look forward to talking to Lu about where she's at as soon as I can.”Yes, fans will likely have to wait for a special episode of , too.

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You're arguably the most glamorous of your friends, probably due to your very vague connection to the entertainment industry.

You're also the oldest out of your social circle, but you believe that your age only makes you wiser.

It’s difficult to breathe and impossible to keep living.

However, time goes by and you should keep going, because your love would have wanted you to be happy again.

“You know, I think she very wisely is leaving the country to kind of gather her thoughts and get it together.

I think it’s all happened in front of the cameras and, if you see the reunion, I think you'll be surprised, because you'll begin to see the first signs of cracks in the relationship at the first part of the reunion.”Star Sonja Morgan Reveals How She Feels About Luann’s Marriage“The reunion takes on a new meaning when you know the ending of the story, frankly,” Cohen says.

You consider yourself a renaissance woman, with interests ranging from acting to starting your own line of funeral homes.

Because of your success, you aren't above dating a man who makes less money than you, but your friends better not mention that to you.

While your fiery side may get a lot of attention, you're also very family-minded and remain close with your mother.

The easiest way to set you off is to mention Joe Francis's name.

You are never one to shy away from an argument and have been known to get physical during fights, even if they're in inappropriate places — like your son's christening.

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