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I The reaction of the characters are more realistic though.

Who would not get angry with what Ji Ans mother did? I like the actors & actresses portraying their respective roles. I saw comments from Western fans praising and prefer JA rather than JS because in their standards thinking JA was breadwinner, pitiful mature and strong woman-alike.

Why she didn't visit her mom cause her mom is the one who made her as a heir of that wealthy family?

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Rainbow jae kyung dating

He is 33 and has been in the work force for years and all their idea for him to work there.

It’s no wonder not only is there a birth rate problem 15% of the top students leave for school and work and really try not to come back.

Since only SKY schools matter that only takes care of 5% of kids.

I would like to see more dramas where people are perfectly happen working ordinary jobs and without the rich poor comparisons.

In my opinions, Seo family isn't a good brought-up family.

2 of his children, elder son-Seo Ji Tae and twin sister, Seo Ji An are the samples and same genes as their father.

Always over thinker and excessively responsive to small things, maybe this is an intention of the writer for this drama.

In real lifes, people don't think so much ahead before doing eg; Ji Tae thought so much unnecessary problems before married to his heartthrob and still he doesn't know how to plan ahead after married?

I'm also disappointed the fact that Shi Hoo is so good and amazing actor and you can really feel his acting. by her facial expressions i saw deep hurt and disappoint from her 2 families.

ah maybe next year 2018 he'll be nominated already. it's not that she's selfish or childish by acting up or having a tantrum.

what a looooonnnng wait we have for the next episodes...

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