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So, if you do not keep track of all these changing norms, you may be left too far to catch up.

A ROUND UP OF VISA CHANGES IN AUSTRALIA IN NOVEMBER - Australian Immigration has come up with a series of important changes during November: There is Postponing of the introduction of the sponsored parent visas.

Could a denial of God’s end times work to and through Israel possible play into the Church’s slow decline in the West?

I find the average Christian has no idea that the Holocaust was a culmination of Christian anti-Semitism.

To answer this and many other questions concerning Israel in Bible prophecy, we invited as a special guest on our television program Christ in Prophecy radio host Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries, located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Jan’s “Understanding the Times” radio program broadcasts nationally on more than 800 radio stations!

One is called Replacement Theology, and the other is called Dual Covenant Theology. This doctrine teaches that the Church has replaced Israel. Replacement Theology has been a huge contributor to anti-Semitism. Our preachers have to be very careful when it comes to denigrating God’s divine working with the Jewish people.

All of the promises given to Israel, which are legion, are transferred to the Church. If not denigrating, our pulpits remain silent on Israel’s importance.

Martin Luther himself in his last publication wrote about how one should deal with the Jews.

He advised Christians take the Jews’ property away, place them into camps, and destroy their Torah scrolls.” Luther provided the very blueprint Hitler rose to power using as he quoted Martin Luther.

Personally, I think the Church should honor Israel once a year on the nation’s rebirth anniversary, rather than cursing her by saying she’s been replaced by the Church.

What kind of a covenant keeping God would displace either the Jew or the Christian? One of the biggest objections I hear from people who write in to our ministry, they claim the Jewish people are not believers in God. Therefore, why should we celebrate, or just acknowledge even, Israel?

That’s the Israel we are looking forward to, right? Today, much of Israel calls themselves Humanists, and some are definitely anti-Christian.

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