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When my mom saw Coolio perform Gangstas’ Paradise being at the Grammy’s, she commented “What are all these homeless people doing on stage? Once on the subway, we stood next to two young black teenagers who were joking around and when the train came to a sudden stop, one of them accidentally stepped on her foot and turned to her and said “I’m sorry, Ma’am” very politely, and I saw her look at him with furrowed brows and an icy stare, a fraction of a moment of sheer contempt, before she looked away. My father’s experience is different, but equally telling and influential to me.

My dad only has vague understandings of the history of race in the US.

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I will tell you that my father is one of the most decent, kind and good human beings alive at heart, but that does not mean he is not flawed.

His experience is vastly shaped by the petty crimes that he witnessed while maintaining his store in Greenwich Village.

Asian countries also tend to adopt a highly Westernized beauty standard of “lighter is better,” where the prized aesthetic is comprised of fair skin, large eyes, round face and pointy chin, and a general appearance of daintiness and sweetness — the face of obedience.

That aesthetic is clearly morphing with modernization, globalization, and more diverse preferences, but is still the dominant imagery.

He was robbed at gun point and stolen from many times, sometimes with physical altercations involved. He once asked a magnificently dressed black couple who had been looking at felt hats where a particular hat went; the woman smiled and walked straight out the door. They may have lived in a large urban center, but their personal spheres of interactions with people of color were narrowly defined.

They didn’t grow up with diversity; didn’t go to schools where they could be with and interact with people of different backgrounds, and they didn’t speak English well enough to have a diverse group of friends.

The Han Chinese is more than 90% of the population in Mainland China, and ethnic diversity is something celebrated in the Olympics and at National Ceremonies — pretty outfits and dances, rather than actual cultural preservation, particularly if the groups are resistant to assimilation (re: Tibetan).

Race is not really something people even understand really well — it is not an identity or a construct that is taught in the country’s education system nor in its history.

My mom found her f-bombs hilarious and often shared anecdotes with us, referring to her as “Big Lady.” But outside of her couple of colleagues at work, my mother barely knew any black people.

She was well educated, but her lack of exposure and experience simply didn’t allow her to navigate her own stereotypes with any ability to eventually rise above them.

When my parents immigrated to New York, they settled in Queens, in a mostly Latino neighborhood.

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