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Jackson's vocals range between G "Got 'til It's Gone" was a departure from Jackson's mainstream pop appeal, striving for a less polished and more authentic alternative hip hop and trip hop-influenced sound.

It also incorporates elements of diverse genres such as pop, R&B, folk, jazz, reggae, neo soul, and downtempo.

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She felt this was heightened by her estrangement from the rest of the Jackson family. She also described his voice as "mellow and laid-back like the vocal".

"Singing these songs has meant digging up pain that I buried a long time ago. "Got 'til It's Gone" was written by Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, René Elizondo, Jr., Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell, and features guest vocals from the latter ones.

Its lyrics talk about a great lesson Jackson learned – appreciate what you have while you have it.

"Got 'til It's Gone" was met with mostly positive reviews from music critics, with most of them praising its fusion of Jackson's pop style with "harder-edged hip-hop", and for its sonic experimentation and revealing theme.

It contains a sample from Mitchell's 1970 song "Big Yellow Taxi".

According to the sheet music published at by EMI Music Publishing, the song is set in common time with a key of F major.Everybody was surprised when a couple of days later, she said yes".Describing the situation, Jackson recalled, "I told her I'd like to send her a tape before she made a decision.She listened to it, and called back a few days later and said she absolutely loved it and would be honored if we did, so I was very excited".Right after the release of "Got 'til It's Gone", British singer Des'ree thought the song was very similar to her own song "Feel So High" from her 1992 album Mind Adventures, and sued Jackson and the producers of the song.Hip hop is great and I think it's good that it talks of the harsh realities of life in the ghettos".

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