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Ghoulia Yelps is replaced with Ari Hauntington at the end of the movie: "Welcome to Monster High: The Origin Story", and in the Generation 2 webisodes, she is replacing Ghoulia.

Either that, or she is not absent from the reboot series and Ari is just filling in for now.

She also typically wears a metal-board-like metal-clip as a hair clip or barrette in the back of her hair in the middle of her head, middle of her hair.

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She is portrayed as kind and naïve, but her naïvety or naïveté, makes her unaware of average teenage life, and uses source on teenage "unlife" or "teenage lives" through magazines; though what she looks up to is never actually accurate to how things really are in real life or to the situation she's in.

Frankie is best friends with Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, and Lagoona Blue.

Frankie Stein is a 2010/2016-introduced and all-around character.

She is a simulacrum, specifically the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride, and a student at Monster High.

_______ appear lethargic or lazy and unmotivated; low energy level _______ overly calm and passive demeanor _______ don't respond typically to sound of own name _______ don't notice or care about noises peers would notice _______ not bothered by pain; may not even notice getting burns, cuts, or bruises _______ don't notice dangers in the environment (may walk out right in front of a car) _______ won't catch self with hands when falling to protect body from injury _______ don't prefer to interact with peers or adults; content to be the observer and not the 'do'er _______ don't notice being dirty or get bothered by it _______ last to notice when a person enters the room _______ difficult to get up in the morning; may sleep through the alarm _______ very high energy level, hyperaactive; often believed to have ADHD, whether it is true or not _______ love to touch and be touched, have to touch everything _______ frequently tip chair on back two legs _______ restless when sitting through a class or a movie _______ fidget and "fiddle" with things all the time; pens, pencils, rubber band, within reach _______ self-destructive (bang head, pinch, hit, cut, bite, or hurt self) _______ thought to be a trouble maker, hitting, shoving, pushing, or knocking into other people _______ frequently shake leg _______ often engage in repetitive, meaningless, and self-stimulating activities _______ often touch, twist, or pull on hair _______ attached to comfort objects or activities some find childish (sucking on thumb, sleeping with a favorite plushie, etc) _______ need excessive movement (swinging, rocking, bouncing, or rocking self constantly) _______ always chewing on things (clothes, pencils, hands, fingers, etc.) _______ prefer foods with very strong tastes and flavors _______ crack knuckles often _______ love crunchy foods (popcorn, carrots, chips, nuts, pretzels, etc.) _______ need to be under heavy blankets or wear tighter pajamas to fall asleep; likely to roll up in blankets _______ need consistant sound or white noise to stay asleep (fan, nature tape, music, etc.) _______ need a lot of sensory input to fall asleep (rocking, singing, bouncing, rubbing skin, etc.) _______ have to smell everything; use smell to determine whether or not to like something or someone _______ seek out crashing activities, or ways to provide deep pressure to the body _______ a thrill seeker; loves fast, dangerous sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, dirt biking, football, hockey, etc) _______ too forceful around animals (not gentle enough) _______ seek out fast, spinning, and/or upside down carnival rides _______ unable to identify objects by touch alone _______ have a hard time finding things in a desk, pocket, purse, or bag, especially when not looking _______ difficulty locating items in a cupboard, drawer, in the closet, or on a grocery shelf _______ difficulty heating water to the correct temperature for baths or showers; may burn self or use water that is very cold _______ frequently break things (apply too much pressure) _______ frequently drop things (don't apply enough pressure) _______ get disoriented and/or lost easily in stores, buildings, etc.

_______ difficulty watching or concentrating on a movie/tv show when there is background noise or distractions _______ difficulty remembering or understanding what people are saying _______ difficulty following directions if given two or three at one time _______ can not complete concentrated tasks if noises present _______ speak too loud or too soft _______ difficulty with speech and annunciation; may stutter or have an impediment _______ frequently bump into things or knock things over _______ difficulty judging how much pressure to apply when doing tasks or picking something up _______ often reverse numbers and letters or process them backwards _______ difficulty telling time on an analogue clock _______ difficulty distinguishing different tastes and/or flavors of food or drinks _______ difficulty lining up numbers correctly for math problems _______ get confused between similar looking letters (such as b, p, d, q, and g) _______ often hear things wrong, especially if they are similar sounding words (such as "car" and "card" or "cart") _______ difficulty keeping up in classroom environments _______ afraid to learn how to drive; is definitely not racing to get behind the wheel!_______ have been considered a klutz; clumsy, uncoordinated, accident prone, etc._______ have difficulty riding a bike or performing well in sports _______ late to reach a wide variety of physical developmental milestones _______ difficulty walking or balancing on uneven surfaces _______ difficulty with fine motor tasks, such as buttoning, zipping, tying, playing games with small parts, etc.(In the Generation 1 cartoon, she is also friends with Ghoulia Yelps).She enjoys spending time and company with her friends, and sometimes goes shopping with them.Her singing voice in "New Ghoul @ School" is by Allison Iraheta, though it may be lip-sync and is only in a cutaway fantasy scene.

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