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A: Facebook is a product with what we call network externality - demand is driven by demand. It's different from grocery shopping - you go grocery shopping and the groceries don't have to love you back. And this is my little theory, but you could say, "With this message, I'm showing that I want to meet you and am donating X dollars to some cause to prove it." That would show that I'm willing to spend money.

Q: What should online dating sites learn from economics? There's a lot of lying on dating sites and there are simple ways to verify it - there are Chinese dating sites that ask you to send in your tax returns and a photocopy of your license so people can't lie about their age or income. You want to allow a mechanism that says, 'I'm interested in you and I mean it.' I can write anyone a little message that says, "Hey, I think you're hot." Why don't we ask people to put their money where their mouth is? And the charity I choose might signal something very strong.

The next time they go to the market, the investors are going to think of that. It's the same as burning a huge pile of cash on a first date. A: The word settling is so unromantic, but you cannot possibly choose from all the possible mates online. Just as everybody accepts a job that doesn't have that last little perk they wanted, at some point you have to accept a life partner.

He is best known for his role for the TV drama Boston Legal as Brad Chase, NBC drama Harry’s Law as Oliver Richard, a FBI agent John Scott in Fringe, Fox’s action/drama Human Target as Christopher Chance, ABC’s Body of Proof as Tommy Sullivan and NBC’s Crisis as CIA Director Gabe Widener.

Mark has played in several of the movies as well as in the television roles.

Rational people sometimes choose to lie - don't list all the viral videos you like. His knowledge of IPOs could teach him about where to take his date for dinner (answer: somewhere expensive).

"After my first date, the thing that triggered in my mind is that this is all about markets," he said.

He has three sister siblings being the only son from his parents.

Born in the year 1964 December 24 at Ogdensburg, New York, USA, Mark Valley is a graduate in Bachelor of Science in mathematics and engineering from United States Military Academy in the year 1987. However, they got separated after one year of marriage in 2010.

Q: Are there any points where online dating as economics class might not work?

Mark Thomas Valley is popularly known as Mark Valley in the entertainment world as an American film and television actor.

I think it's a further reminder that you want to go where the market is - and the market is online. Nellie Bowles is a San Francisco Chronicle reporter.

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