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OE1 Primary/Junior OE2 Junior/Intermediate OE3 Intermediate/Senior OE6 Primary/Junior (French as a Second Language) Before applying, you must read all of the information about the Teacher Education program provided on the University of Ottawa’s website.

I have a feeling when the acceptances come out I will have hopefully a 85% average. I'm a grade 12 student about to appy for university in the next week.

Before I get the rant on how I will have issues in uni just spare me the negativity because I am stressing I am a very good hands on learner which will compensate for the theory aspect although I am mediocre in bio (80%) I just need to know what I can do to be accepted I am looking into applying to brock, Ottawa, York, Trent (maybe some collabs) not sure 100% yet is there any advice to stand out and hopefully get accepted or will I just become a rejected failure /: thanks in advance to the people who pull through with some advice I'm a 105F student and I'm interested in majoring CE. I was wondering if they would heavily base me on my grade 11 marks.

The U-Pass is a low-cost transit pass that lets full-time students at participating schools ride unlimited on all OC Transpo and STO routes for the academic term.

The cost of the U-Pass is included in your student fees.

All in all, I need to choose between Biomedical Sciences and Kinesiology. Would it be a good program to get into Dental School?

Hi everyone, I’m here to ask some things about getting into nursing but I will give a little bit of background information on myself.

I'm having a hard time deciding on which uni is best for studying CE. I got a 75 percent average in grade 11 but now I have an 86 average right now and applying for health sciences at Western, u Otttawa, Carelton, Trent, and Wilfred Laurier.

I've already had UW in my radar and I'm pretty sure Uo T won't make any offers for me so what remains are probably queen's, calgary,mcmaster,rye,ottawa... Would they reject me because of my past grade 11 mark?

I applied to Biomedical sciences and Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I also applied to Mc Gill's faculty of Kinesiology.

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