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Tomislav was the first ruler of Croatia to be styled a king.That occurred in a letter from Pope John X, dating the kingdom of Croatia to 925.

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During the Croatian War of Independence, Slavonia saw fierce fighting, including the Battle of Vukovar.

The economy of Slavonia is largely based on processing industry, trade, transport and civil engineering.

but most of the sites are found in the river valleys of northern Croatia, including Slavonia.

The most significant cultures whose presence was found include the Starčevo culture whose finds were discovered near Slavonski Brod and dated to 6100–5200 BC, Much later, the region was settled by Illyrians and other tribes, including the Pannonians, who controlled much of present-day Slavonia.

Reform of the empire through the Compromise of 1867 assigned it to the Hungarian part of the realm, and a year later to the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.

In 1918, when Austria-Hungary dissolved, Slavonia was a part of the short-lived State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs which in turn became a part of the kingdom later renamed Yugoslavia.The root *Slověn- appeared in various dialects of languages spoken by people inhabiting the area west of the Sutla river, as well as between the Sava and Drava rivers—South Slavs living in the area of the former Illyricum.The word subsequently evolved to its various present forms in the Slavic languages, and other languages adopted the term.Slavonia contributed to the culture of Croatia, through art, writers, poets and art patronage.In traditional music, Slavonia is a distinct region of Croatia, and the traditional culture is preserved through folklore festivals, with prominence given to tamburica music and bećarac, a form of traditional song, recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.Agriculture is a significant component of its economy: Slavonia contains 45% of Croatia's agricultural land and accounts for a significant proportion of Croatia's livestock farming and production of permanent crops.

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