Oracle if inserting or updating parents of dating

In the Solution Explorer window, select and click Model Browser.Type in the highlighted code below or copy the code from the from the section labeled "LINQ using lambda expressions --" and paste it in after the previous code statements.

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Choose Add Connection and select a Data source name with the HR schema, such as ORCL. You will now create the stored procedures that will be used later in this lab to perform updates and data retrieval. Copy the code for INCREASE_SALARY_BY_10, UPDATE_AND_RETURN_SALARY and OUTPARAM into the SQL Query Window and click Execute Query ()for each of the stored procedures.

There are a number of ways to query the EDM, which then retrieves data from the database.

Click (Start Debugging) In the application, you will notice that the result. Under the covers, Entity Framework is executing the stored procedure as well.

The salary is set to 18000, then increased by 10 in the stored procedure, providing custom logic in addition to the default behavior.

Model-First allows the conceptual model to be created first by the developer.

NET data querying language which can query a multitude of data sources, one of which are entities via LINQ to Entities.In a Model-First scenario, a developer first creates an Entity Framework object-relational data model.From that data model, the developer can automatically generate an Oracle relational database model in the form of DDL scripts.Alternatively, you can copy and paste this information. The LINQ query retrieves all employee information with EMPLOYEE_ID less than the max_id variable.Open the files folder containing from your working directory. Alternatively, you can copy the code from for the LINQ query and paste it on after the Main statement. Lambdas are used as LINQ arguments to standard query operator methods.You will query using another query method available in Entity Framework called Entity SQL.

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