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The waters swelled and increased greatly on the earth; and the ark floated on the face of the waters.

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One important point here is the clarification that the deluge came both from the clouds and from the land.

Water cascaded from all sources to create the great flood.

There does seem to be a core common story which is likely to have some basis in actual historical events.

The Context of Noah Although we cannot know with certainty when the events surrounding the Ark took place, it is generally accepted by scholars that it must have happened over 5000 years ago, possibly between 5000 – 3000 BCE.

He releases a dove, then a swallow, and finally a raven, which does not return, signifying that the water has receded, and then he leaves his boat to make a sacrificial offering, just like the Biblical account.

– Atra-Hasis (extremely wise) was a Sumerian King from before the flood in the city of Shuruppak.

The above verse describing the waters meeting seems to suggest the coming together of two great rivers or lakes.

The significance of this point will become clear later on, when we discuss possible locations for the flood.

The most recent Ice Age is thought to have ended around 10,000 BCE.

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