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Debbie and her new friend were all over each other. He moved her sweater down and was playing with her breasts. I couldn't believe she was making such a spectacle of herself. Debbie was the one that all the guys always wanted.

I'll call you tomorrow." Tim moved closer to my chair. He nibbled on my earlobe and whispered into my ear. I have a hotel around the corner." I wasn't sure what to do. I'm always the girl who is alone and never has a date.

He was dressed nice and very attractive for a more mature man. She's a really good dancer." "She does like to have fun." "I like the more reserved girls.

I was moaning softly while he rubbed and caressed my body.

The more he complimented me, the wetter my pussy became. His fingers lightly brushed it when he was massaging my legs.

" I opened my legs while Tim got situated between my legs. " Tim went on his back and I climbed on top of him.

So incredibly beautiful." The more he complemented me the more I fucked him like an animal.

You're driving me crazy." I climbed off him and went on my hands and knees on the bed. His cock was like a machine while he drilled into my tight cunt. I couldn't believe this old man was fucking me and making me come so much.

For an old geezer, he was just about the best lover I had ever had. Let's sixty-nine so I can taste that pussy again." Tim got on his back and I climbed on top of him.

" "Thanks so much." I loved that he thought I was so beautiful. I parted my legs a little so he could see my bald pussy. "Audra, turn yourself over." I turned over and went on my back.

He played with my nipples which were hard and erect.

She lives alone and likes for somebody to pay her attention sometimes. She was already tipsy and I knew that she was just wanting to find somebody to fuck for the night.

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