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Catie, aol.com, 7/2/02 Neo-tech is the greatest site to come around! I BELIEVE THAT THE POWERFUL AGENCIES YOU MENTIONED MUST BE ERADICATED ALONG WITH THE POLITICIANS THAT SUPPORT THEM. but so exciting the neo-tech matrix is becoming more complete in my mind each day! S., uu.net, 7/29/99 I am half-way through 'THE BOOK' and I feel more powerful than I ever have. J., att.net, 9/12/97 Most informative and honest site I have ever visited on the Web. B., net.au, 10/10/99, Australia Should only 10% of your readers apply your 114 advantages to their every day life, the world is definitely going to be a better place. It's great to read Cassandra's Secret while I'm eating lunch! I, myself, still embrace my inner child, which may be one of the reasons that I get along so well with children.

After reading the material, I was charged and excited.

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For it seems to appear as cult-type publication on the surface (just from the “God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery' title).

“The Story' has none of this possibility of sending the wrong message. The total simplicity in the title will DRAW people to it!!

Michelle, msn.com, 5/29/03 Thank goodness I found you. All of my life I have been in sales jobs and have read many books and studied many courses.

Just when I thought I had exhausted all possible avenues for sanity, understanding, reason, meaning and happiness. Almost all of them are quite frankly full of garbage, because they rely on promoting 'false notions' and beliefs, that coincidentally only the author has the unique answers to solve. ) I kept reading book after book, doing course after course, wondering when I would ever discover the 'real truth'.

I really have to thank you very much for affecting my thinking for the rest of my life.

I'm working on becoming a great value producer myself, and am building a business of my own at present.

Thank you for the optimistically positive, exciting truthful challenges of your inspirational philosophical and forward thinking essential rational truths. D., net.my, 9/29/00, WEST MALAYSIA NEO-TECH is the BEST thing to happen to HUMANKIND, EVER! Angela T., sigecom.net, 1/31/00 I have been stagnate for years. Most people we look to for guidance in life, (teachers, councilors, church leaders, authors etc), do nothing but create imaginary 'problems' for you. P., humana.com, The Story MUST be published on its own in hardback and/or paperback.

We can't do without the wisdom of Neo Tech in the New Millennium. Once achieved, they offer BOGUS solutions and pretend to be your friend. Watch out Neo-cheaters (deadbeat, blood-sucking loser's) I AM ON TO YOU! Simon, bigpond.com, 6/23/01, Australia Neo-Tech opens the pathway to more enriched thinking, exactly what the human race could do with at present ! That is the only hope of getting it into the hands of the general populace, particularly as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire!

They literally can, and do, (based on the postings I've read) begin identifying and implementing their own Friday-Night-Essence. - Plus, everyone who reads this will want to CHERISH their own personal copy and re-read it often.

It will be the treasure that changes their lives forever!

G., eisg.net, Neo-tech open my eyes and now I see the truth about this harsh world and that is priceless knowledge. M., lvdi.net, 10/12/97 "I have recommended Neo-Tech to many people and the web site makes it easy to refer other people to this valuable resource." M. At the time I tried to share my excitement with my family and friends... After all who was this school dropout, starving kid to tell anyone that he knew better? At that time I was broke and starving, working in a job I hated. D., transport.com,5/17/00, America I think that this is an excellent work!

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