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He thought me an angel come to claim his soul, but I was as real as he could feel my breasts pressed against him." "I took him from that desolate rock and brought him some place nicer, to spend the rest of his days with me as I nurtured him with my breast.

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Her slim waist spills out to wide hips and a juicy peach bum.

Like all mermaids, Ariel's sea green fish tail begins from mid-thigh joined together, leaving a sufficient pussy gap that allows her kind to be taken from the front or the rear.

Contrary to some beliefs, spread by women and the celibate, mermaids are not intentionally malicious nor do they have a taste for human flesh.

A mermaid instead takes a man of her choosing to an isolated location and would spend the rest of his days having sex with her.

The old captain, choosing mercy for his remaining loyal crew over his own honour, surrendered and asked only that no blood be shed for him.

And thus he was marooned on a lonely rock, with no means to leave nor did he have the strength to try.

"His crew respected his experience, but some envied his wealth even more.

And so his first mate caused a mutiny, leading half the crew that were just newly recruited and easily swayed, to take over.

She had watched longingly as their bellies swelled with new life, as a thicker trail of milk flowed from their swollen breasts wherever they swam.

Like every mermaid, Ariel wanted her first time with her man to be special.

"Ariel, my most beautiful daughter, you're exceptionally perky today", Athena cooed, stroking the back of Ariel's head as she drank her fill. Ariel's mother gently ran a hand down to her nether region, gently inserting a finger into her which caused Ariel to squeal softly. I can feel how tight you are, by the way you squeeze my fingers." Athena let go of her pussy, bringing her finger up to her mouth as she tasted her young daughter's juices.

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