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Love potions sold for a hundred thousand dollars an ounce, hypnotic amulets traded for billions of dollars, and even the cheapest mind-control ray sold for the price of a four-bedroom house. It made sense, really; if this stuff was all real, the people who made it had to look at these dollar amounts like they were paying with Monopoly money. Her voice, the husky, purring quality of it that always sent hot tingles to Sylvia's clit as she walked by her table. She clicked on the other tab, registered for the site as fast as her fingers would let her, cursing her computer for every second of its achingly slow transfer of information.A girl barely scraping above the poverty line didn't stand a chance of ever picking up a 'Hyptronic Inducer' or a 'Synaptic Recalibrator'. She clicked on the 'Slaves' category, then on the 'Female' sub-category. She was amazed at how quickly she clicked the link. Sylvia imagined her bright blue eyes, still sparkling seductively, but framed by Sylvia's thighs as she licked and licked and licked and Sylvia wrapped her fingers in her silver-blonde hair and-- Those gorgeous tits, so full and heavy and round and Sylvia had never been a tit person, but she could just imagine herself burying her face in those tits and she had imagined exactly that, so many nights as she jilled off in her bed..she paid with a credit card. Every second, she worried that someone would snap up the auction before she could get to it. Her whole body felt flushed with a heady mix of panic and arousal.Whoever had made this, they'd just managed to capture the shadows, the reflections, the tinting all perfectly, right down to...fucking hell, you could see the reflection of the photographer in the gleaming chrome of the woman's breasts. The photo was slightly blurred--this person was clearly a worse photographer than the other one.

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Even the thought of owning her own girl, one who would cook and clean and do all her shopping (and who would fuck and suck and lick and do every kinky thing she ever wanted to try without even whimpering...) Sylvia's hand drifted down to the crotch of her panties, pressing rhythmically against the damp fabric as she thought of all sorts of new kinky ideas while reading descriptions like, "Hypnotized Girl Associates Whipping With Pleasure! " and "Brand New Eighteen Year Old Virgin With Full Fetish Triggers Installed! Not the description--there was nothing in particular that made "Girl Of Your Choice Turned Into Your Sex Slave! But Sylvia's eyes practically popped out of their sockets when she saw that number, seeming somehow tiny next to the fields full of zeroes above and below it. Twenty dollars for the girl of her choice, and a 'Buy It Now! "I'm holding another of My 'Good Samaritan' auctions," she read. Finally, her registration was confirmed, and she breathed a gasping sigh of relief to see that the auction was still right where it had been a few minutes ago. ' button, her fingers inside her panties the whole time.

"Just email me a name, and that girl is yours, mind, body and soul. ***** The next couple of weeks were practically impossible.

(Well, amateur pride..much as she loved playing around with Photoshop, Sylvia had no idea how to parlay her skills into actual money.) She just wanted to see the "photos" demonstrating each auction's wares, and see if the person who made the site had done as good a job with their photo-manipulation as they had with the concept of the site.

This was the kind of thing that really made Sylvia want to upgrade to broadband--it would make uploading her pictures a lot less time-consuming.

Every time she slipped her vibrator into her soaking cunt (and god, her panties always seemed to be wet these days) she imagined Jillian sliding it into her instead, heard her own voice moaning out "Fuck me, Jillian, fuck me..." and imagined Jillian's purring voice responding, "Yes, Mistress..." The flashes of guilt kept coming, and Sylvia wondered at times if Jillian had friends or family that would miss her if she became Sylvia's obedient pet..that was all it took to force them away, thinking of the words "obedient pet" and applying them to that perfect body, those amazing breasts and long legs and..usually sent her back to masturbating.

Besides, it wasn't as though she was really going to be hurting Jillian or anything.She'd already finished a full sequence of "vampires among us", and she was really proud of....She stared at the picture of the girl for a long moment.Every day after she'd sent off that email to Madame Isabelle had been a struggle not to finger-fuck herself until she was sore.She'd been consumed with fantasies, spending every dime she could spare (and a few she couldn't) on sex toys, picking up dildos and harnesses and paddles and waiting for the day when she'd tell Jillian to use each one on her.Overall | Sexting | LGBT | Live | Phone | Local We’re giving you lots of choices in this article, but if you want something that combines the best of all of these different categories, look no further than our top free adult sex chat rooms.

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