New happiness dating

And while it’s easier to blame our lack of happiness on not having someone or having someone that’s not acting the right way, life is rarely that simple.

As important as our intimate relationships are, they will not magically fulfill you.

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After dealing with heartbreak and moving across the country to Italy, Dev (Aziz Anzari, who deserves some awards for his performance this season) runs into brick wall after brick wall in his attempts to finally get over his ex-girlfriend Rachel.

Continuing right where the last season left off, deals with a multitude of different topics that make up for its lengthy hiatus—including race, religion, and an absolutely incredible episode about sexuality.

We’re told that when we find the right person, things will be perfect.

We believe that any emptiness or discontentment we feel in any aspect of our lives will disappear once we find the right partner. In the initial phases when the sparks are flying, nothing else seems to matter.

In one instance, Dev’s friend Alan uses an app that primarily judges users on how tall they are—a play on a generational trope of women loving men based on their height.

Only the twist is that the ex-girlfriend that he’s trying to get over has already moved on; with a man who not only looks like him but who is way shorter.

You can’t date your problems away, it only creates more problems—which is what he faces with the vapid and sometimes emotionally cold women he meets.

The dating app and social media aspect within the show act as a slot machine of sorts, spitting out different mates for the characters of the show with wildly varying results.

Although this choice is right for some women, others want a new next chapter that includes life with another partner.

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