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While explicit sexual content may feature in certain popular titles, it isn’t universal.

And it's not necessarily what draws every reader to the category.

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Cath has always done everything with her twin sister Wren, including writing fanfiction.

When they go to the same college but Wren doesn’t want to share a dorm room, Cath has to adjust to living on her own while learning to write a story with her own characters, while at the same time dealing with family struggles and first love.

Even those who have been following the trend and are familiar with this emerging publishing category might be stumped about what kind of books to suggest, because the understanding of what falls within this category is still in a state of flux.

Though books about the beginning of adulthood and librarians have a history of targeting older teens, “New Adult” as a separate category is a recent phenomenon.

All she wanted when she left Wichita for college on the East Coast is to make a fresh start.

When she meets tattooed professional fighter and campus bad boy Travis, her resolve is tested.

These questions are still up in the air, especially as libraries develop new policies with regards to digital and self-published content, but when it comes to readers’ advisory, librarians can still help connect readers with the types of books they seek, regardless of where the books are found in the stacks.

Mainstream news media, such as this article from the Christian Science Monitor, have focused on the racier content of New Adult fiction when compared to Young Adult, but many New Adult authors and readers will contend that this is unfairly reductive.

Just One Day The summer after high school graduation, straight-laced, predictable Allyson is touring Europe when she meets a charming Dutch actor, Willem, embarks on an unplanned day trip to Paris, and falls in love, only to be devastated the next morning when Willem has disappeared.

After floundering her first year in college and doubting her pre-med major, she decides to return to Europe to hunt Willem down and discover why he abandoned her after their one perfect day.

Traditional publishers have noticed, and more of their titles are being marketed as New Adult.

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