Nebraska cam models

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Nebraska cam models-36

AUG 26, 1890 (some weak markings) - - 10" wood handled nut wrench with patented double screw action for fast adjustment with a locking collar.

Unmarked - - 8" rack type quick adjust nut wrench with wooden handle. Good with light pitting and surface dings, minor nicks and crack on handle (S552, on info) 0009.

10 - - 10" quick adjust nut wrench with cylinder on handle that releases and tightens lower jaw. - HOUSTON TEXAS - - 8.25" quick adjust patented by Joseph Peterson of College Station, Texas on 6-1-26. Very unusual caliper like mechanism with two handle shafts connected by two adjustment screws.

Excellent original condition except for a letter "H" punched over markings on one side. AMERICAN WRENCH & SPECIALTIES CO CHICAGO USA / No. 8 IN GEARENCH (sic) TRADEMARK - FORGED STEEL - PATENTED / GEARENCH MFG CO. BROOKS PATENT / LOCK BOTTON NUT FEFORE USING - 7" adjustable nut wrench. PAT JAN 11, 1876 - JAN 9, 1877 - - 12" all metal cast malleable monkey wrench patented by O.

CLIPPER 14 / PATENT PENDING - - 15.5'" malleable self adjust with replaceable jaw inserts.

Unmarked - 6" unusual center screw adjust nut wrench. * All farm type wrenches are cast malleable iron unless noted otherwise. * To search for a particular wrench or company (for example IHC, Deere, Coes, adjust etc,) use the find on this page in the edit menu. The bulk of the farm wrenches were mailed in forty-one Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes from West Virginia by Lee Fisher. His collection of farm wrenches is exceptionally strong in International Harvester tools with several that few show on the IHC Owner's List. This is only the second I have had to list, one of the highlights of any antique wrench auction.

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