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South Manchuria Railway Company quickly expanded the system inherited from Russia to staggering proportions. Under the control of the Japanese and with 30 years of development, the Fushun area became a highly industrialized area.

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Fushun has 2.14 million inhabitants, including 1.34 million in the urban area.

It is now part of the Shenyang-Fushun built-up area (comprising all the urban and suburban districts of Shenyang and Fushun) which was home to 6,756,379 inhabitants in 2010.

Fushun has a major aluminum-reduction plant and factories producing automobiles, machinery, chemicals, cement, and rubber.

The total GDP of the city of Fushun was 54.27 billion yuan in 2009 (ranked 4th out of the 58 cities and counties in Liaoning province).

With high mountains and thick woods (40% forest coverage), the city has a developed a strong tourist industry.

Houshi National Forest Park, about 55 km (34 mi) from Fushun city centre, is rated by the central government as an AAAA tourist attraction.Hydroelectric and thermal power are important locally available energy sources.Fushun has developed through the utilization of the abundant natural mineral deposits found in the area and is a nationally important heavy industrial base for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy machinery and construction material industries.Saer Hu Scenic Area covers some 268 km (42 sq mi) Dahuofang Reservoir, the largest man-made lake in northeast China.There are a number of historic and cultural sites within the area.Exploited from the 12th century, it was operated as an open pit mine during the 20th and early 21st Century; however, as of 2015, the West Open pit, 1,000 feet deep, with an area of 4.2 square miles, was exhausted and unstable.

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