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Fun app, I like reading the story’s there really interesting but, my only problem is that no matter how long the story you read is you have to wait 25 minutes to read the next part it, it takes me 1-5 minutes to read one story, after that its shows the time until you can read next part and under it says “speed up” it says it like you have it then when you click it, it takes you to where you have to pay for skips, but not only skips do you have to pay to see videos and pictures on the story.

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Whether it be hypothetical conversations between two of your favorite celebs, a frantic group chat after accidentally liking an ex’s photo on Instagram, or those suspenseful mysteries you just can’t get enough of, Yarn lets you tap through it all!

It’s about time to make reading fun, fast, and fabulous again.

Typically, doctors advise holding off on intercourse until you have a checkup with your ob-gyn about six weeks after giving birth.

At this visit, your doctor will evaluate how you are healing and whether it is safe to begin having sex again.

It's important to give your body a break, and as Circle of Moms member Kristin G.

says: "Now is a really good time to talk to your OB/Gyn about the options available and do a little research on your own.With Talkies, kids as young as 3 yrs old can send voice messages just by pushing a button.Messages are immediately sent to parent-approved contacts.Stay up to date with your favorite Yarn stories as we update episodes and conversations daily!Subscribe for unlimited access to all the best Yarn stories.We always are in for a surprise when we watch the yarn story's.

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