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The Muslim settlers were used in a similar way to the Presbyterian settlers in Ireland in the 17th century; Protestant and Presbyterian settlers were settled in Ireland by the British imperial state in order to create a local loyalist force against the native Irish.The consequences of that plantation are still being felt today in the British-occupied section of the ancient Irish province of Ulster.In his book ‘The Politics of Refugees in South Asia- Identity, Resistance and Manipulation’, Narvine Murshid writes: Does Bangladesh have any incentive to prevent an armed struggle in Myanmar?

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Human rights organisations infiltrated by Western intelligence agents play a key role in creating the public consensus for US, NATO or UN military interventions in countries where a pretext is needed for a war of conquest, cynically disguised as a ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Bangladesh/Myanmar border tension The alleged training being provided by the Bangladeshi military to Rohingya terrorists is one of the factors fueling conflict between Myanmar and Bangladesh, where border tensions have escalated recently.

Recent reports from Indian intelligence agencies have indicated that the Daesh are now recruiting Rohingya in India and sending them to Saudi Arabia for training.

The Rohingya terrorists are most likely receiving arms and training from Bangladeshi military intelligence under the supervision of Turkey and the US, while the Saudis are providing the radicalisation and the cash.

The Bengali state is one of the world’s great sweatshops – providing slave labour for powerful Western corporations.

But the state cannot provide enough employment for the country’s burgeoning youth.

The United Nations has accused the Government of Myanmar of committing ‘genocide’ against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country’s troubled Rakhine State.

In recent weeks the crisis in Myanmar has escalated, with human rights groups and NGOs publishing copious denunciations of the alleged human rights abuses and mass murder committed by the Myanmar Armed Forces, (Tatmadaw).

Since independence, Myanmar’s Rakhine State’s Muslim population has become the majority and Buddhists have suffered persecution; temples are often attacked and burned.

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