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I have gotten to know all the employees and some are extremely good and others are complete idiots.

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Later Keith was arguing with Sadie about working last Sunday, Keith said Sadie was off and Sadie said she had worked.

Finally Keith got angry and checked, he discovered Sadie was right but never said anything to Sadie.

I have been using TSC as my first stop for everything (Farm) for over 20 years.

Southern States CO-OP was second along with Agri-Supply, then a few other non- franchised (Family) feed and supply’s were among the last places I would seek agricultural supplies or equipment.

3rd Ist contact employees…usually cashiers or front end people should have a smile on their face and should not be so rude.

The cashier (a girl- didn’t get her name unfortunately) at store #1161 Ithaca, NY was very rude to us, to the gentleman (Doug) that helped us as well as all the customers she checked out- not once did she smile or say have a good day or thank them for shopping at TC- we were able to observe all this first hand as she was the first one that approached us unpleasantly as we entered the store then as we were waiting for Doug to come to assist we were standing at the front of the store and able to observe all this.

I overheard Keith the manager ask Sadie to come in on her day off at 10 am and Sadie clarified that 10 am was the time with Keith.

The next day l was in the store picking up Feed and l heard Keith getting angry at Sadie for not coming in at 9 am and when Sadie tried to tell Keith the time Keith told her to come in was 10am, but Keith refuses to accept that.

TSC’s model is based on their pet food (Dog and Cat) sales which is their mainstay from what I have observed. I will drive 2 hours to Rural King for my big orders and purchases and use my local TSC like a 7-11 or Circle K for their emergency convenience (when I want to pay more).

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