Midnight sex chat

Here I was naked and exposed, and she could see how red I was. I watched her walking towards me with the sound of her 5-inch heels clicking on the floor, and my heart felt like it was about to burst. She took the flogger between my legs and brushed the inside of my thighs. The intense feeling coming over my whole body so intense. As she used that flogger on my ass, my entire body tensed up. She stopped and untied my wrists, but then re-tied them with my front exposed to her. I wanted to beg but confessed that I did not know what I needed.

When cumming I completely forgot the cuckolded pervert was even still there. Slipping in half coherent insults between waves of orgasms.

That was until my boyfriend suddenly replaced his fingers with his hot throbbing cock. 1) having such a powerful orgasm I pushed my boyfriends cock almost completely out of my pussy and 2) my boyfriend thrusting back into me hard and deep before filling me with a huge load of cum.

The intense stinging in my legs and ass made me quiver. As the door opens, a beautiful blonde enters my Master’s office. The twinkling white lights on our Christmas tree provide the only light in the room, and we are listening to my favorite Christmas music, the Nutcracker.

The day has been full of good cheer with tons of presents, a delicious dinner, wonderful family, and friends. Now we are both enjoying this peaceful moment as we reflect on the day and snuggle together on the sofa.

I think he thought I would fake it but little did that pathetic fucking pervert realize he was in for a “treat”.

I told the worthless little worm to give me two minutes to get ready before calling my line.

In that time I striped down naked, sprawled out on the bed and looked down at my my boyfriend grinning at me from between my thighs.

My muscle bound brute of a boyfriend makes most men feel inadequate. Plus it was obvious from the way I said it that I didn’t really care if he could handle it or not. He was hiding under the covers hoping his girlfriend wouldn’t catch him… His girlfriend never fucks him and I don’t blame her because he is a disgusting humiliation addict.

That sad loser on the phone listened to every part of it knowing he could never have me like that.

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