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She hosted Sand Blasters III: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship on the Travel Channel in March 2008.

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She used to play basketball when she was still on her teenage days, and it was all because of her taller height.

Even so, she stopped playing such sport because she was bullied in school.

*She ranked #56 in 2007 and #96 in 2008 in Maxim’s 100 Hot lists.

*Visit her official website: her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

She was branded as “Manute Bol” and “Giraffa” by some other students.

While she was in high school, she was also doing her modeling jobs.

Merkin attended boarding school for her education and she studied within England.

As her mother she was a model from Sweden and for 20 years she was into the modeling industry, she was also highly influenced with the performance of her mother and walked to the direction showed by her.

However, she never graduated because she prioritized her professional modeling career. Movies/Television Shows In the year 2005, Michele Merkin began appearing in a number of television shows such as Foody Call, Extreme Dodgeball (2005), The Next Best Thing (2007), Sand Blasters III: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship (2007), Party Monsters Cabo (2008), E!

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