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We are a dynamic and professional team of software engineers, an organization based on trust, verticality and determination. A BI Solution enables a relevant visual representation of the data that is much easier to interpret and which can help you observe trends and patterns, improving the decision making process. Business Intelligence solutions provide integration of large heterogeneous databases into central data warehouses for analysis and reporting purposes.

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In a next step, LEI data will be enhanced to include 'Level 2' data that will answer the question of 'who owns whom', allowing the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity.

To implement Level 2 Data functionality on the GMEI Utility, new fields will be provided in order to enable input of this data on the Portal during the Registration and Renewal.

It is crucial that this data is stored in a safe and easily accessible environment.

Companies that adapt to changing market conditions are the ones that succeed and data analysis plays a huge role in this process.

Enterprise portals are central information access points designed to facilitate collaboration inside and outside enterprises.

Very cost effective solution of improving procedures and communication workflows and boost productivity by shortening information access times.Read more We develop cloud solutions hosted in Windows Azure or Amazon Web Services.This allows you to take full advantage of the cloud and gives you the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business.In certain instances, an entity may not be able to report the parental relationship, in which case it may be necessary to "Opt-Out" of one or both relationships.The reasons an entity may opt-out of relationship reporting include: For more detailed information about Level 2 Data, please refer to the Level 2 Data FAQ document in the Reference Documents section.Portals can be integrated with existing legacy systems thus providing a single point for information access.

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