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One member of that expedition, by the last name of Pifigetta described the Chamorros at that time as being tall, big-boned, and robust with tawny brown skin and long black hair.

The Chamorro population at the time of the first Spanish landing was estimated to be 65,000 to 85,000.

Early Spanish and Portuguese missionaries to the Americas sought to convert the natives to Catholicism.

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The flag's blue field serves as a background for the Great Seal of Guam, representing Guam's unity with the sea and the sky.

A red strip surrounding the Guam seal is a reminder of the blood shed by the Guamanian people.

Other settlements are located in Sinajana, Tamnuning, and Barrigada, at the center of the island. S.) Air Force Base, a major presence on the island, temporarily housed refugees from Vietnam in 1975, after the fall of Saigon to the northern Vietnamese Communists.

The official Guam flag represents the history of the island.

The seal itself has very distinctive meanings in each of the visual symbols pictured: the pointed, egg-like shape of the seal represents a Chamorro sling stone quarried from the island; the coconut tree depicted represents self-sustenance and the ability to grow and survive under adverse circumstances; the flying proa, a seagoing canoe built by the Chamorro people, which required skill to build and sail; the river symbolizes the willingness to share the bounty of the land with others; the land mass is a reminder of the Chamorro's commitment to their environment—sea and land; and the name Guam, the home of the Chamorro people.

Guam was the earliest settlement of a Pacific island.The average age of adult death at that time was 43.5 years.According to Gary Heathcote, of the University of Guam, Douglas Hanson, of the Forsyth Institute for Advance Research in Boston, and Bruce Anderson of the Army Central Identification Lab of Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, 14 to 21 percent of these ancient warriors "were unique with respect to all human populations, past and present by the presence of cranial outgrowths on the backs of Chamoru [Chamorro] skulls where the tendons of trapezius shoulder muscles attach." The information provided by Guam's official cultural page adds that the study indicated these characteristics were found only in indigenous (native) Mariana Islanders, and later on Tonga.Archaeological and historical evidence has indicated that the ancient Chamorros, the earliest known inhabitants of the Mariana Islands, lived there as early as 1755 These people were of Mayo-Indonesian descent and originated in southeast Asia.Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan reportedly landed at Umatac Bay on the southwestern coast of Guam on March 6, 1521, following a 98-day voyage from South America.They represent approximately one-fifth of Guamanians on the island.

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