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Considered a genius who charmed women into harm, Alcala is also known as the “Dating Game Killer” because of his 1978 appearance on the eponymous TV game show, a year before his eventual capture.

In an exclusive clip from the ID movie (above), Alcala tries to lure two women back to his home — even referencing his appearance on the show in an effort to impress them.

Graduated from Houston (Germantown, TN) High School in 2002....

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It's a wonderfully rare - so bad it's hilarious one.

Every cliché, from writing to acting is thrown in here for good measure, but to such an extent that you won't be able to help alternating between groaning, putting your head in you hands in despair, rolling your eyes, and finally just giving in and giggling all the way to the most absurdly written and poorly acted courtroom finale you will have ever seen.

Díaz stars in ID’s , a fictionalized retelling of the Texas-born murderer, who killed at least seven women and one girl in California and New York through much of the 1970s.

3, Guillermo Díaz — known for his role as an assassin-turned-fixer on the Shonda Rhimes drama — may make Investigation Discovery viewers squirm with an even darker turn as notorious rapist and serial killer Rodney Alcala.

Cain was limited to 21 appearances (17 starts) due to injuries..posted a 4-8 record with a 5.64 ERA (56er, 89.1ip) overall...

Was placed on the disabled list three times throughout the season...twice with a right hamstring strain (May 28-June 13 and June 14-July 20) and once with a lower back strain (August 18-September 2)...missed a total of 56 games...

I wish I had the former but I don't, nevertheless this "movie" made me laugh out loud involuntarily several times.

I do not enjoy saying negative things, and I genuinely feel sorry for all those who were involved in this bungled attempt.

If you remember the scene in ' Bananas' when Woody Allen acts as his own lawyer and switches between his lawyer persona and his witness persona whilst jumping in and out of the witness box for comic effect, well the same happens in this film but comedy, whilst not the intention, is definitely the result.

The lead actor is so awful it's practically unbelievable.

Get some friends round, and work out a shot game for every time you see one of the absurdly portrayed detectives says, "Damn it!

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