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In fact, over 60% of the population practices Islam.Because of this, don’t go to Malaysia expecting it to be the wide open dating scene you will find in other southeast Asian countries like Thailand or even the Philippines.

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I live a simple life and I don't care about material things I need a God fearing man, nice, loving, caring, I am a homely person.

I like reading, watching movies, cooking and listening to music.

More and more, connected singles are using dating apps to improve their chances of meeting that special someone.

Busy young adults of the connected generation can utilize their free time to the fullest by meeting matches nearby.

Since time immemorial, older generations have been fretting about the sexual habits of the young generation - Generation Y/Millennials.

With the rise of dating apps such as 'Tinder' and many others, there is a widespread notion that Millennials are the 'hookup' generation, suggesting that they are just looking for quick relationships and frequent casual sex.

That being said, we realize that there are great guys out there who never have and never intend to send any rude messages.

Also, we have many more updates coming with added functionality for everyone.

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