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This was either a talent or variety show broadcast from Nick Stewart's Ebony Showcase Theater.

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He sang "My Buddy" for Ram, who liked his voice, but told him to get training by singing with a group.

Tony replied that he sang with the Platters, who'd done some recording for Federal.

When he got there, he washed cars for a living while making the rounds of talent shows at night.

While singing at the famed Club Alabam (at 42nd Street and Central Avenue), Tony Williams came to the attention of Ralph Bass, who headed up King Record's Federal subsidiary.

Suffice it to say that he did (and the rest, as they say, is history).

Samuel Anthony "Tony" Williams came from Elizabeth, New Jersey.

With Tony Williams added, Bass was ready to record them.

However, before that happened, Chicago's Flamingos started hitting it big on the Los Angeles charts with "That's My Desire." Oh, well, there were plenty of other names to choose from.

The songs recorded were: "I'll Cry When You're Gone" (led by Tony), "Give Thanks" (Tony), "I Need You All The Time" (Tony), and "Hey Now" (Herb).

In October, the world was introduced to the Platters when Federal released "Give Thanks" and "Hey Now." The world didn't care.

Since records were referred to as "platters," what could be more natural?

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