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One of Germany's most venerable universities is considering the future of a law professor who tweeted solidarity with Polish white nationalists.

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The basic concept of this 'religion' is warlike proliferation." But the professor finds the accusations of racism against him “absolutely ridiculous.” In an interview with the Huffington Post, he said the accusations were being carried out “to kill certain approaches, discussions and any criticism of current refugee policies.” In response to the comments he made in his retweet earlier this week of the neo-Nazi march in Poland, he said it was important to be aware of one's own culture and history.

"White Europe - and I would like to say this quite clearly in a positive light, similar to a black Africa or a Thai Thailand - is a wonderful goal,” Rauscher said.

In order for Swedes to attack the Imperial troops in the south, they needed to pass through Saxony in the night.

In order for Tilly’s forces to attack Gustav's army, they too needed to pass through Saxony.

On Thursday, two students interrupted one of the professor's lectures and drew attention to his comments, according to Spiegel.

The students placed themselves at the front of the class and before Rauscher had even arrived, began reading the professor's tweets out loud.

I strongly criticize Rauscher's xenophobic opinions.” Leipzig University also reacted to Rauscher's tweets.

On Wednesday, the institution explicitly condemned the professor's statements.

Initially, Sweden’s entrance into the war was considered a minor annoyance to the Catholic League and its allies; his only battles to this point had been inconclusive ones, or fought against generals of modest military ability.

His troops moved south into Brandenburg, taking and sacking the towns of Küstrin and Frankfurt an der Oder.

Liverpool are now understood to be resigned to not signing the player this summer, and rekindling their interest at the end of the 2017/18 season, when his release clause drops to £48m.

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