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so i'm looking to her past drama, i watch oh my ghost, she is really cute there eventhough she is in 25 at that time, really-really cute with great acting. love you parkboyoung so much please star more dramas.

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In that series tell about boy Shigeru and his grandmother and also any forest spirits.

This series was shown in Russia in 1993-1996 years.

Lee made her acting debut in 2008 in a guest appearance on season 3 of the TV procedural Urban Legends Deja Vu, followed by the historical drama The Kingdom of The Winds.

But 2009 was the year she began to gain attention with several high-profile supporting roles.

our Lee Min Ho oppa is the lead actor for the upcoming movie "Gangnam Blues"! I HOPE from the HEART that "Park Bo Young" will be offered the role in this movie!

So I want find it - I think it very interesting, tasty and vintage. Anyway footage or direct link to japan torrents - I will be glad!

i am also a diehard fan of their previous team up and still wishing that the 2 of them will make it's either a movie or kdrama together...

Park Bo young is indeed a young, talented and beautiful k actress... :) Bo Young unnie is a very very talented & cute actress!

hardly found a wonderful actress after the era of song hye gyo.. also, in oh my ghostess, she was mistakenly called bong soon. People said you will gain more confidence in yourself when you overcome your challenge. Great actress, awesome acting, amazing personality. Though I hope to see her soon in other drama or movie. ^_^ aside from park shin Hye, she is my second fav actress. If you have Hulu, you have to watch her breakout role in Scandal Makers. Park bo young ,, I love you since you acting movies Don't click .. i enjoy there love team on Oh my ghost so natural it's like they are couple for real.. Hope you will keep doing dramas, Don't enjoy doing only movies too much. 6th episode i can not forget when she was in roof as she was torturing shy lead actor.do it.

she was bong sun for one and bong soon for the other lol. You always delivers, please believe more in yourself and challenge yourself more. Don't take too long break after every drama please. Have loved her since her "King and I" with Yoo Seung Ho. he won 6 awards because "scandal makers" for you who her work in that movie go watch it, its too damn masterpiece, if u think her acting in oh my ghost and strong woman do bong soon is good, you should "scandal makers" recommended for those who likes bo young haha I only know park bo young from oh my ghostess, she catches my eyess since then. The recent one strong woman do bong soon is really nice and entertaining. Looking forward to watching her career from the US. well i just hope they have there latest sources to post some latest update about here..

I was all about thinking about you and after watching strong women do bong soon i came to recogonised you easily? please please please please i never watch her acting before.

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