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Our views on which acts were permissible in a Christian marriage were completely divergent.

After several bitter inconclusive arguments, we sought counseling with our pastor, the Reverend Frank Dougherty.

The last one I had to look up in an online slang dictionary.

Warren stated unequivocally that expletive laced speech raised his Eros level and was therefore something I should practice.

Id always avoided bad language and during our engagement informed Warren that it was not to be part of our love making or for that matter family life.

To this day, I am proud of my restraint and I tell both my girls how much my chastity meant to me.

d promised Warren to be sexually accessible during the trip. Sex or rather the lack of it had become a serious issue between us.

We found him to be a charming bachelor filled with interesting stories about the hotel I was hanging up clothes when Celia tried to sneak past me in a bathing suit I did not recognize and would never have allowed her to buy.

It was a thong bikini whose top did not completely cover her breasts and the bottom in my view was scandalous, better suited for a prostitute than a young girl.

Warren believed that if he had not accidentally discovered her infidelity they would have eventually included Wendy in their debauchery.

Look, you promised we would spend some quality time together on this trip, said Warren reaching down to grasp my buttocks.

He was going to have to be squeaky clean for me to place my mouth and tongue on his anus.

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