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For interest, I have also added a link to a You Tube posting of Mississippi John hurt's rendition of the song, which preserves the original ragtime flavor.: Soldier's Joy introduces playing in C tuning, and demonstrates the similarity of C tuning left hand positions with left hand up the neck patterns in G tuning.

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There is also an right hand exercise in the backward roll, to get you used to it.

The backward roll is featured in the B part, the chorus, which modulates to the key of D.

The PDF file provides fingering charts for the first five measures of the up the neck break.

We are going to stay with Blue Ridge Cabin Home this week, incorporating a second up the neck break, using Scruggs type left hand fingering patterns, The up the neck break is at the end of the revised TEF file, with the pick up notes starting on measure 52.

This is from a 1999 Acoustic Fisc CD called which is also available from Amazon.

There isn't any banjo on this cut, but it is still really great.

I also located three bluegrass versions of the tune.

The first MP3 is the original 1939 Columbia recording of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, which was strictly an instrumental.

In order to accomdate Duncans' vocal range, the band modulates from D/A to Ab/Eb once the opening fiddle and pedal steel instrumental is over.

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