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If the man was humiliated in the bargain...much the better.

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If he couldnt pay the bribe, the Inspector would pressure him to turn his wife over to him or even his daughter.

He would turn them into prostitutes and performers in porn videos.

When Kamau gave the signal, he turned the nozzle and began spraying Harry from his shoulders to his knees.

Although it was a hot day in this part of the building, the water was very cold and as the black cop concentrated on his buttocks, groin, armpits and torso, Harry began groaning.Friday night, after dinner they drove over and got a table. A wiry moustache` and beard, well flecked with gray, adorned his long face. After some small talk, Munyambu outlined for Kate how her husband had gotten into trouble.The Chief Inspector explained that Harry had paid part of the bill. He told her that she was to make herself available for his use. The Inspector made no secret of the fact that black men would be enjoying her hospitality. Here was this man telling her that she would be sexually abused and there was nothing that either of them could do about it. Everyone knew how corrupt the police were and a Chief Inspector was fairly high up in the food chain. She had hoped that his recent arrest was a thing of the past, but now it was all out in the open and she was going to be made to suffer the consequences.Munyambu had shaken Peng down for bribes at first but then realized that his porn videos and DVDs were worth a fortune.So, he ended up cutting himself in for a piece of that action too.He, his Senior Sergeant Kamau and his crew, all of them from the Luo tribe, operated like a gang out of the Langata station and an industrial warehouse on Pate Road.

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