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After the bull laid dead on the ground, the shocked crowd walks over to the deceased animal.

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The next day, during Obon, Koiwai sends Yotsuba, dressed as the "Flower Cupid," to give away excess flowers.

The next day, Koiwai takes Yotsuba on her first visit to a zoo to see an elephant.

Koiwai and Yotsuba go shopping for dinner, but he forgets his wallet and they must borrow money from Fuka.

When Fuka sees the boy she likes with another girl, Yotsuba tries to understand, then console, her broken heart.

On the last day of the spring semester, Yotsuba and her father Koiwai move into their new house and meet the neighboring Ayase girls, Asagi, Fuka, and Ena.

As the Koiwais settle in, they encounter problems, including a broken bathroom lock and Yotsuba needing to learn about polite greetings, air conditioners, and the proper uses of doorbells.The video, which was shot in Foios in Valencia and went viral earlier this week, occurred during the “Bulls in the Street” festival, The Telegraph reported.The fiesta imitates the famous Running of the Bulls festival that takes place every year in Pamplona.Asagi returns from an Okinawa vacation with souvenirs for her family—and leftover sata andagi for Yotsuba.To thank Asagi, Yotsuba travels to the playground for a souvenir for her and her friend Torako.Jumbo takes Yotsuba and Ena cicada-catching, and they return to show off their catch to Mrs. The next day, after Fuka helps Yotsuba bring in the Koiwais' forgotten laundry, Yotsuba plays in the rain.

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