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Bachelors' Day then developed into Singles' Day, when women joined in, and then gradually was transformed into a day that might celebrate the end of bachelordom, with people buying presents for their friends and perhaps new partners instead.

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The Department for International Development (Dfi D) has now revealed the further September meetings, with Gilad Erdan, the public security minister, and Yuval Rotem, the foreign ministry official.

Neither meeting was arranged or later reported in a way which accorded with proper procedures, sources at the department said.

Priti Patel is expected to be sacked later today after evidence that she misled Theresa May over further secret meetings with Israeli politicians.

The International Development Secretary has cut short a trip to Africa to rush back for a second confrontation with a furious Prime Minister in Downing Street.

As the conflict in Yemen passes the grim 1,000-day milestone, the United Nations is warning that if humanitarian workers cannot gain greater access and the violence does not subside, the cost in lives will be incalculable.

Today, Saturday 11 November, is Singles' Day in China.

There another lesson from the creation of Singles' Day that the rest of the world can draw from China: how to get rich. Most of the big shopping days of the West predate the internet and are tied to specific day for a reason.

For example Black Friday is the bridge between Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and the weekend. Our own Boxing Day is rather the same, with the added lure of the post-Christmas sales.

If it has not come up on your radar, know that a number of British companies have joined in, using it as a platform to sell stuff to China.

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